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How to Use Pohyar Dictionary?

Pohyar Online Multi-Lingual Dictionary is a user-friendly tool which helps you translate words, phrases, expressions, proverbs and terms by following these steps:

  • Visit our website:
  • Choose source language and target from drop down above the search box, if you don’t choose any “English” to “All languages” is selected by default.
  • Type your word, phrase, or term in the search box
  • The translation of the text will be visible on the right box by a key up event, translation is categorized according to words types in parenthesis.
  • Try to enter the base form the word (without, ing, ed, ies, s,es..)
  • Below the search box you will find suggested words as type words in the search box, by clicking these words you can find its meaning in the box above.

How to add words to the Dictionary?

Thank you for your interest in helping us adding words to Pohyar Dictionary, Following is a step wise guide to help you add words in different languages and different dictionaries:

  • Visit our website:
  • On the top, in the navigation bar click on Open Dictionary and choose add words
  • Click on Register if you are a new user or login using your username and password.
  • Click on the Menu bar and choose the dictionary you want to add words.
  • Example: You choose English to Pashto Dictionary, Open it and choose the first box to add English word and other 5 boxes to add its meanings, next choose its type ( General, Medical, Legal..), You can also add example, below lists are for grammatical points.
  • Click on the button to add words.