Translation Services

Translation Services

We provides high-quality professional human translation services of over 10 languages including Pashto, Dari (Farsi, Persian), English, Arabic, German, France, and more. We have started our operation in Afghanistan in 2008, our group of translation team has over 8 years of experience in translation of different expertise and languages.

We have developed the Pohyar Dictionary to meet the maximum requirements of our local and international languages and clients in providing quality translation, editing, proofreading and quality control. We provide translation of website, apps, software, audio and videos in various expertise such as: Legal, medical, computer, literal and more.

We are the no.1 Pashto & Dari from/to English, German, Arabic, France,... translation company in Afghanistan, we translate, edit, proofread and review our client’s documents by our group of professional linguists, legislators, doctors, software engineers and other technical advisors to provide them on time, effective and accurate translation.

Our team of translation works throughout Afghanistan in their language of profession and expertise to help national and international organizations in providing accurate services to their customers.

Website Translation

Business in Afghanistan and other countries usually need their customers and visitors to view their products and services in their own languages to use and buy their services as per their needs. Our group of expertise have an excellent vocabulary of computer, apps, and e-commerce to translate and edit such data.

We would highly recommend our customers and clients to translate their websites using Pohyar Online Dictionary or let us help them in improving their business in and outside Afghanistan. We use human translation tools for Pashto, Dari, English languages to perform an excellent translation service.

Our team of professional provide the above service in a very reasonable price and timely as per your demand and expectation.


A translated and written text usually need to be edited and proofread by professionals to provide correct and solid information to the reader of the article, news, book, magazine, website, …

Pashto and Dari languages as our national languages needs to be edited and proofread after it is translated or written. Our team of linguists, editors, and quality control provide such service to our countrymen and international organizations to support them provide accurate, timely, and understandable text to their customers and clients while providing services and products.

We would highly appreciate you to see our portfolio and ask our clients about our service of editing and its positive effect on their businesses.

We have a professional team of different expertise (Legal, Medical, Business…) to help you expand your business in your people’s language.

Our Expertise

The languages usually have different aspects with many different professions vocabulary and glossary which create problems while misused and solve problems while used accurately.

Our team of professional has expertise in many different categories of various professions to help you solve your translation, editing, proofread and quality control documents as per you choice and needs.

We provide services in the following expertise: Legal, Business, Marketing, AdWords/Banners, Gaming, Travel, Automotive, Scientific/Academic, Medical, Software/IT, Technical, Engineering, and more.