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Welcome to Pohyar Dictionary, it is an Online free Pashto, Dari, English, and Arabic dictionary. This dictionary is designed in such a way to translate multi-lingual words, phrases, expressions and proverbs. It is designed in a user friendly way to search for words typed in a single box in any of the above mentioned languages along with its category, grammertical point, example and phonetics.

Pohyar Pashto Dictionary contains over 500,000 words with its examples, phonetic, grammatical points, and profession. It contains over 20 categories (Legal, Economic, Sport, Military…) with over 5 local languages (Pashto, Dari, Ozbaki, Balochi, Pashayee…) and international languages (English, Arabic…).

The Pohyar dictionary team mission is to cover all the languages glossary spoken in Afghanistan to educate and united its people of different tribe and its vision is to collect over 20 million words in its database to cover thier people, organization and business’s literacy, translation, and learning needs.

Pohyar Dictionary

Pohyar Online Dictionary contains a list of the following dictionaries in different expertise:

  • English to Pashto
  • Dari to Pashto Dictionary
  • Pashto to Pashto Dictionary
  • Pashto to English Dictionary
  • Pashto to Dari Dictionary
  • Arabic to Pashto Dictionary
  • Pashto to Arabic Dictionary
  • English to Dari Dictionary
  • Dari to English Dictionary
  • Pashto Legal Dictionary
  • Pashto Medical Glossary
  • Pashto Military Glossary
  • Pashto Sports Glossary
  • Pashto General Dictionary