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Pashto Language

Pashto is the language of Pashtun and is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. Pashto is the main language among the Pashtun diaspora around the world. The total number of Pashto-speakers is estimated to be 45–60 million people worldwide.

Afghanistan is a country where people speak over 8 languages such as: Pashto, Persian (Dari), Uzbeki, Hazara, Turkmen, Nuristani, Balochi, and Pashai. Most of the languages spoken in Afghanistan are Pashto and Dari languages.

Our group of linguists’ professionals strive to teach the Pashto language to its people and international learners using the online tutorial techniques.

In this website we will try our best to start teaching this language from its very basic to intermediate level using text, audio, video and flash cards. In addition, we will provide tutorials using skype technologies, so you can learn your favorite language of Afghanistan in your palace at any time.

Pohyar team of developers are working to enable the trainers and trainees to get access to these facilities through our online web portal, mobile such as Android, IOS, and desktop applications as soon as possible.

Lessons will be uploaded soon!